"Why play in someone else's field, when you can own your own?"

A mobile telecoms business was languishing in 4th place in its huge domestic market. And by "4th" I might as well add "out of three" - they were that far behind. They were enduring the worst of all worlds: low awareness, wrong revenue stream, resorting to price as their battleground (and, of course, losing the war). The essence of a vicious circle.


But they also had the best of all technologies. They'd just been ignoring it, because they'd allowed themselves to be defined by others in the market. If strategy is all about choices, they'd made the wrong one. So they simply switched to the right one. A brand should always be built on a truth, and here was one waiting to be expressed. One analysis and one conversation with the CEO made the decision easy: let's leave the other brands to fight it out in their field, we're going to jump the fence and enjoy a new one all to ourselves.

The business owned a technological capacity that was not only unique (and protected by state law for 5 years) but also in tune with the most desirable target market's ambitions and self-image. Within one year, the business had grown its network by 40% and its profits by 70%. A perfect example of 'brand' and 'strategy' informing each other, and transforming a business.