"I've never thought of it like that. Why not? You're absolutely right"

It was a joy to work with this insurance giant. A rare opportunity to see a business live by the values it professes to live by. 

The best part of it, was that they didn't really recognise just how strong a proposition that gave them in the market - almost as if they were too modest to admit it. Far from turning them into braggarts, I wanted simply to turn that into an expression of how they were different by design and by nature. In a market dominated by doom and gloom, every single action and decision within this company was directed to the positive. From underwriting to claims, and beyond, the idea of "certainty" took hold and helped to inform a truly unique positioning. It even turned a moribund 'innovation' programme into a hive of fabulous new business ideas.

On a personal level, this engagement was already a favourite. but it took on a new dimension when, ten years later, my son started working for the company...and his desk note pad and coffee mug on Day One had the same phrase we'd used to launch the programme. Certainty indeed...