"It's great to have a change programme led by people who know what they're doing. At last."

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To be fair to this client, the past failures weren't really their fault. Change Management specialists​ had, typically (and yes, this is a personal 'thing' coming through here) focused on their process, rather than on the people who were meant to deliver it.

A new Target Operating Model is not likely to set many hearts racing, mainly because it starts with the wrong perspective. At the heart of this one, though, was a totally different way of looking at, understanding and satisfying customers. Which would actually give all the customer-facing people the time and space to do what they most enjoyed, and (to be honest) earned most money doing. What was needed was for this recognition to be shared across this international bank, and for it to be embraced as one team delivering this new experience.

I was embedded into the client team, to design and coach in a new internal communications and change programme. That included creating a 'change champions' network to ensure complete consistency in that delivery, from Africa to Asia.