"If anyone tells you that you can't make money while changing the business, they're ****ing lying"

This is still my favourite-ever client comment. Not least because it came in a seminar the client CEO was sharing with me, discussing the idea of putting brand at the heart of a change programme.​

The client business was an established national entity (I'd love to say 'treasure' but that would be pushing it) that had, to be perfectly honest, got most of its bits in a twist. Most importantly, it had put its products and its customers the wrong way round. So we worked on a fundamental re-definition of what mattered most, and how everyone and everything within the business should be focused on the customer. 

In the first year of our engagement, the client hit record profits. In the year after, they set a new record. By "making things easy" we revolutionised the thinking and the performance of what was clearly a latent star. Sometimes, it's possible to change people without changing the people.